Audioglider has been a busy boy since releasing his critically acclaimed debut album Accidental Beauty on Section Records two years ago. With releases and remixes released on a whole host of labels such as Sudbeat, Stripped, 238W, Stellar Fountain, Suffused, Mistique and Soundteller, Roberto Sodano has upped the tempo and applied his sonic skills to producing some fine progressive dancefloor electronica with its head in the clouds. For his second album on Section, the aptly titled Subaquamarine, Audioglider has taken elements of the dancefloor and concocted an evolution of his downtempo sound to create a modern balearic classic, condensing the album into what would be a classic electronica head’s night out. Head nodders, hip shakers, smiles and glances, a head full of stardust, and memories of joy and nostalgia created on a journey from anticipation, realisation and acquiescence.